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Coiled Tube

Tube can be supplied in the coiled condition in lengths up to 500mtrs packed in specialist containers. Coiled tube can be recoiled onto larger drums up to a maximum of 2000mtrs. Coiled tube is supplied in the annealed condition to suit customer requirements and is subject to rigorous offline pressure testing.

Random Lengths

Tube can be supplied in random lengths from 2000mm – 16000mm & in a variety of conditions including As Welded, Bright Annealed or Polished

Bright Annealing

Tube can be heat treated in line or off line depending upon the product. All tube produced in coil form is supplied bright annealed.


Our onsite facilities offer tube in the cut to length condition, these tubes can be cut straight,mitred or chamfered. We offer precision tolerances ranging from +/- 0.25mm for short lengths to +/-1.0mm for longer cut lengths. Tubes supplied washed and deburred, both vibro and brush deburring service available.

Manipulated Tubes

Our onsite facility allows coiling, ring rolling  and bending of tubes. Other services offered includes flaring,swaging and drilling. We currently bend stainless steel and copper tubes for a number of applications.

Polished Tube

W.E.Bates offer tube in the Polished condition, in random or cut-to-length condition to meet our customer requirements.
Our on-site facility enables us to offer finishes in DULL, SATIN and BRIGHT finishes.

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  • Manufacturing Specifications

    Tubes manufactured in accordance with

    BS EN 10296-2:2005
    BS EN 10217-7:2005
    BS EN 10312 : 2002
    ASTM A249
    ASTM A269
    ASTM 554

  • We can also supply

    Copper Tube
    Brass Tube
    Stainless Steel Box & Rectangular Section
    Stainless Steel Bar and Wire

  • Customer Supplied Material

    Using our facilities we also process customer supplied material (free issue).
    If you have any enquiries for us to anneal, cut to length or polish your products then do not hesitate to contact us for a quote.